What is a Smart Home & Benefits of smart homes?

A smart home or house is a home that secures or manages to your entire home management with the help of an electrical appliance/device at lowest cost, like: lighting, comfort, security, power efficiency and all accommodations at any time automatically.

A smart house means automation in each and every part of your home including kitchen, bathroom, living room & master bedroom. Home automation is the combination of high technology with residential comforts.

Features of a smart house:

  • Temperature: Moisture & Humidity Sensors
  • Security Locks & video door phones
  • Water leak, smoke & fire monitoring
  • A/C drainage for the tower
  • Waste disposal system
  • Automatic wake up alarms

A smart home enables you to live your live smartly, it controls your home as per your wish, and through an electrical panel your smart house manager automatically can adjust the temperature of your room according to you, wake up alarms as you set down, video door phones, detect water leakage, smoke & fire.

You can put curtains up & down, lock or unlock the doors & windows all just from a tablet or phone (electrical device) while you are on bed. As you approach the lights will accordingly on and welcomes you.


Benefits of smart home:

  • Saves manpower & energy
  • Cost effective
  • Save electricity & water
  • Certain security & safety
  • Brings Modern lifestyle
  • Secure from unnatural disasters

In respect of Smart homes we can say that it will be the future home with all luxuries which give rise to more secure and modernised lifestyle.


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